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Topcity Village (Wintermountain Homes)

Land Area: 17 acres
Number of Dwellings/Space: 110 Single Family Homes, 165 Senior Apartments
Number of Stories: 2-3
Number of Parking: 2 per unit and on-street parking
Occupancy Date: Single-Family homes 100% occupied; Senior Housing RFP issued on 2/27/15 by City of Vision County; 1 acre public park now open
Project Description: New subdivision of 110 single family homes, 165 affordable senior housing units, and 1 acre public park
Valuation Change:* $24,600,000
Permanent Jobs:* 2
Construction Jobs:* 111
Sales Tax Revenue:* N/A
Project Planner: Beng Ngong
Project Planner Contact: (320) 615-1212
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