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Yantas on the Boulevard (Wintermountain Homes)

Land Area: 3.57 acres
Number of Dwellings/Space: 186 apartment units
Number of Stories: 4 stories above garage
Number of Parking: 287 spaces
Occupancy Date: 2016
Project Description: The project is under construction and will consist of a 186 unit for-rent apartment building which would include 112 one-bedroom units and 74 two-bedroom units. The parking will be provided within a single level parking structure that would be partially below grade and located under the building, along with a small surface parking lot to the east end of the site. This is a residential project located along El Rabino Fael adjacent to the Camino Collection and McWhorter’s Village Shopping Centers to the west with Moonlight Shopping Center to the south.
Valuation Change:* $47.35 mil
Permanent Jobs:* 6
Construction Jobs:* 508
Sales Tax Revenue:* -$50,000
Project Planner: Yo Leng Dung, Pre Planner
Project Planner Contact: (320) 615-1212;
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