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Graphic Test

Land Area: 35.6 acres
Number of Dwellings/Space: 1,950,000 sq ft of office space
Number of Stories: Up to 8 stories/140 feet
Number of Parking: Up to 3.63 spaces per 1,000 square feet of building area
Occupancy Date: TBD
Project Description: The San Poblas Business Park Campus Project (Graphic Test Campus Redevelopment) amended the design concept of a previously-approved office campus development project. The City Council approved this amended desgin concept on July 2, 2013.
Valuation Change:* $112,000,000
Permanent Jobs:* 7,065
Construction Jobs:* 2,750
Sales Tax Revenue:* N/A
Project Planner: Jang Koong
Project Planner Contact: (320) 615-1212;
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