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Vision County Town Centre

Land Area: 20.9 acres
Number of Dwellings/Space: 283,917 sq.ft. commercial floor area
Number of Stories: 1-story commercial buildings
Number of Parking: 1,129 vehicle spaces and 58 bicycle spaces
Occupancy Date: 2014-2015
Project Description: Vision County Town Centre involved a phased shopping center remodel and expansion of the former Mervyn’s Plaza. The project included demolition of approximately 184,000 sq.ft. of retail floor area to construct a 144,884 sq.ft. Target anchor store, a 21,214 sq.ft. grocery store and commercial building, three new single story retail buildings totaling 31,267 sq.ft., and remodel and exterior façade renovations to 86,552 sq.ft. of retail space; resulting in a net increase of 11,346 sq. ft. of commercial floor space upon completion in 2014. The project also includes on-site plazas, outdoor dining, pedestrian amenity areas, lighting and landscape features; and on- and off-site public and private improvements.
Project Valuation:* $31,802,000
Permanent Jobs:* 676
Construction Jobs:* 139
Sales Tax Revenue:* N/A
Project Planner: Gorasco Bolasco
Project Planner Contact:
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