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Supervising Generations - Burleson, TX

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Series Description. The series is broken into two distinct parts. Part One of the Supervisory Series focuses on servant leadership principles and applies those principles to “big picture” areas of leadership such as personalities, generations, customer service, ethics, and communications. Building on the foundation of servant leadership principles, Part Two of the Supervisory Series focuses on specific supervisory competencies that are vital to a supervisor’s success. These include skill sets such as rapport building, feedback, coaching, delegation, and hiring. Participants will be encouraged to apply these skills while keeping in mind the big picture concepts learned in the first series.

Class Description. This is the third class in the Supervisory Servant Leadership series. Participants will focus on the challenge of providing what is best for each generation under their authority. They will discover and report on characteristics of Boomer, Xers, and Millennials. Participants will predict which Servant Leadership principles will be most important to each generation. Along the way, they will discuss tips for managing themselves while supervising each generation.

Although this training is offered as part of SGR's Supervisory Series and may reference common concepts discussed in other training within the series, it does not require prerequisites and can be taken as a stand-alone training. The full series schedule includes:

  • Supervisory Servant Leadership (2/13/20 10:00am)

  • Supervising Personalities (2/13/20 1:30pm)

  • Supervising Generations (2/27/20 10:00am)

  • Supervisory Communications (2/27/20 1:30pm)

  • Supervising Customer Service Values (3/12/20 10:00am)

  • Supervising Ethical Behaviors (3/12/20 1:30pm)

  • Supervisory Rapport (3/26/20 10:00am)

  • Supervisory Feedback (3/26/20 1:30pm)

  • Supervisory Coaching (4/9/20 10:00am)

  • Supervisory Delegation (4/9/20 1:30pm)

  • Supervisory Hiring (4/23/20 10:00am)

  • Supervisory Servant Leadership Considerations (4/23/20 1:30pm)

Target Audience. Supervisors

Key Themes. Leadership, Professional Development

Lunch. If you plan to attend both the morning and the afternoon session, a 1.5 hour lunch is provided so that you can enjoy a nice break, respond to phone calls and emails, and take advantage of the fabulous local restaurants that Burleson has to offer!

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Registration Closes. 2/23 at 11pm (CST)

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