Two things are true when it comes to change. First, the pace of change is changing. (It’s getting faster and faster!) And second, that trend is going to continue for the foreseeable future.

That makes innovation a core competency for today’s leaders and for today’s organizations.

Innovation isn’t an option; Innovation is a necessity. The leader and organization that cannot embrace innovation will soon be left behind.

Since our inception, SGR has served the role of helping harness the innovative genius of our member cities in order to help spread innovation throughout the nation. Here are a few of the many innovations we developed:

  • 16% BLOG
    The goal of SGR's blog is to promote innovative thinking to local government leaders. The name of the blog comes from research that shows in any given populace, there are 2.5% who are Innovators and another 13.5% are Early Adopters. This 16% is the group that is the first to create and embrace invention, innovation, and change.
    SGR became involved in local government training and development when some cities banded together and said, “We can provide training more economically for everyone if we collaborate.”  SGR was born out of this innovation.
    SGR’s Learning Management System (LMS) came out of the dream from some member cities to provide online classes that were local government specific. Once again, we found that through collaborating, we could provide this next generation form of development more economically, thanks to the innovative thinking of local government leaders.
    Leading-edge thinkers in local government took what was once thought to be something that could only be used in the private sector, and helped pioneer its use in local government. Today, this innovation, which focuses on continuous improvement, is gaining momentum in many cities.
    SGR offers individually priced executive search components allowing us to collaborate with your HR Department to deliver only those specific services you need. This innovative approach provides many of the benefits of a professional recruitment process, but at a much lower cost than a full service search.

This is just a partial list of the many innovations that SGR has been a part of over the last few years. It’s taught us to believe in the importance of nurturing a culture of innovation.

Who knows? You may be the source for the next great innovation that will help bring about a radical improvement in the way local government does business!