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Trish Dressen
Director, Communications & Marketing

Tel: 817-337-8581

I like to say I’m just a hometown girl from Abilene, Texas trying to do her thing. Marketing, advertising, public relations and overall creating runs in my blood. I watched both my mother and father work in this industry, in some capacity, growing up and was fascinated with how they would work to tell the stories of different businesses, non-profits, organizations across Abilene.

Seeing them do this made me dream of one day owning my own Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In fact, one of my teachers had me write a letter to myself senior year of high school and having that business in that town was my only goal. Like most high school students, I was eager to leave the place I grew up, spread my wings to hit the big city and enjoy the lights, the pace and overall life.

But then I grew up. And Abilene, ever so gently, called me home. 

I admire places of every kind: big cities, small towns, rural communities. I admire places of every kind: big cities, small towns, rural communities. Every place has a story to tell and I simply want to hear them all. People and places have been and will forever remain one of my biggest passions.

My immense respect for communities stems from my love for my own hometown. Abilene, and all the vibrant characters that truly bring her to life, give me life.  For my job the six years before joining SGR, I was determined to do what I could to pay all that she gave me forward. How? By telling as many of her stories as I could, in any and every way I was able. 

I’m excited to do the same for SGR because I love the value of leadership, the emphasis on people, and the possibilities it holds to bring people to their very own Abilene through recruitment: a home in which they will work hard to make better.