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  Chester Nolen
Chester Nolen
Senior Vice President, Executive Search

Chester Nolen has more than 39 years of professional management experience, including almost 27 years of experience as a city manager. His career began at the bottom of the executive ladder in Utility Operations and culminated as City Manager, the top rung of the ladder. In the intervening years, Chester served in a number of capacities in various cities in both Texas and New Mexico.

Chester has an extensive background in recruiting, selecting, training, leadership, mentoring, problem solving, organizational planning, and other skills essential to performance as a successful public manager.  He is accomplished in the financial management of operating budgets in excess of $60 million and capital budgets in excess of $100 million. He is also a skilled planner, particularly in the areas of recreation, public safety, finance and utilities, and water and wastewater. 

SGR is honored to have Chester as part of our team!

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