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SGR enters into corporate collaborations with highly regarded companies when such collaborations can provide a substantial benefit to our members.  SGR's process for entering into a corporate collaboration begins when we receive recommendations from SGR members who have worked with a company and believe SGR should give consideration to engaging in a corporate collaboration with that company. 

We review the company's track record and references. If the company gets consistently high marks, we give consideration to a possible relationship and how that relationship can best benefit our members.  In most cases, we negotiate a discounted contract with the company so that SGR members get better pricing for the company's services than they could get on their own. 

SGR receives over 30 inquiries each year from companies desiring a corporate relationship but has only agreed to enter into corporate collaborations with the companies listed below, based upon their exceptional track record and reputation, and the unique benefit which we believe comes to SGR member agencies and employees as a direct result of our collaboration. 

SGR is proud to collaborate with the following company:

For more information on any of these collaborations, or for more information on how SGR can partners with your organization, e-mail .