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Erin Clark
Senior Managing Director, Finance & Business Services
and Consulting
Tel: 817-753-3152

Erin Clark joined SGR in May 2019 and serves as Senior Managing Director of Finance and Business Services, and works at SGR headquarters in Keller, Texas.

Before joining SGR, Erin served as the Solid Waste Administration Manager for City of Denton, Texas, and as Public Finance Administrator for City of Arlington, Texas, and also briefly owned her own consulting firm, for a combined total of more than two decades in municipal government service. Erin is also a veteran of the United States Army and the Texas Army National Guard. Erin is a student of organizational leadership, working towards a Master of Science degree at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Erin is a single mom to two cool teenage sons, Cooper and Carter “Gus” Clark. Together, they enjoy watching movies, listening to music, reading and discussing comic books, visiting with friends, and road trips. Erin herself is an artist, music lover, writer, nature lover, and works part-time as a creative collaborator with an Oklahoma-based partner artist/entrepreneur.