Digital Talent Marketing (DTM)

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Using social media for recruiting is vital in today's world. 

  • 82% of organizations use social media to reach active & passive candidates 

  • 79% of job seekers use social media when searching for jobs

  • 75% of the workforce consider themselves passive candidates

Let SGR help you market your position to reach highly qualified candidates with a Digital Talent Marketing (DTM) Package

Standard DTM
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DTM Sample Graphic

Each DTM position posting includes a custom-designed marketing graphic plus:


Placement on SGR's LinkedIn page.

 Twitter_red Distribution on SGR's Twitter feed. Many leading government associations follow SGR and retweet our job postings to their members resulting in approximately 43,000 impressions.
 facebook_red Placement on SGR's Facebook page. SGR followers often share job postings, resulting in a greater reach.
 instagram_red Post on SGR's Instagram.
 sgr JOB BOARD1 
  • Posted on - the 2nd largest local government job board in the nation.

Custom Graphic

DTM Sample Graphic

Job Blast

Job Blast Graphic

A DTM PLUS package is only $599 and includes everything in a standard DTM & an emailed Job Blast to SGR's category-specific, opt-in network of subscribers. A Job Blast includes:

  • Logo and link to your organization's website
  • Marketing language
  • Click-to-Tweet link

DTM Brochure

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