Job Search, Resume & Interview Tips

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  • CareeRealism - This site contains many short, excellent articles about job searching and other career advice. 
  • Job Hunter Coach - This coaching site has great resources for those looking for a job.
  • Job Hero - This site allows you to save jobs from across the web, track your application progress, set reminders for follow-ups, and upload and tag documents. 
  • Expert Resume Service - Expert Resume Service has developed a reputation and track record for excellence in advising individuals regarding the development of professional resumes, as well as career transition and performance coaching. For more information, e-mail Expert Resume Service and mention code SGR RESUME
  • Crafting a Winning Transmittal Letter - This online course takes approximately one hour to complete and walks local government job seekers through the first stage of the application submission process, including “stand out from the crowd” email submission techniques, a successful transmittal letter crafting process, and transmittal letter spoilers that must be avoided.