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Ron Holifield spent two high-profile decades in city management, which included service as City Manager in the Texas cities of Garland, DeSoto, Farmersville, and Sundown, as well as Assistant City Manager in Plano. He left city management in 1996 and purchased Government Relations Specialists, a small company that specialized in representing companies that do business with government at all levels. In a little over three years, he doubled the size of the company, growing it into one of the 50 largest lobby firms in Texas. 

However, Ron missed the sense of making a difference that city management had provided. In response, he sold that company in 1999 and founded Strategic Government Resources (SGR) for the express purpose of facilitating collaboration among local governments on projects and issues that require an independent third party facilitator.

In 2001, a group of cities approached SGR about assisting in the creation of a training alliance. Twelve municipal human resources directors came together to form the North Texas Municipal Alliance (NTMA). A full year was devoted to gaining input, surveying cities and developing the right plan for success. In 2002, SGR trained approximately 50 employees through NTMA in a supervisory series. In 2004, SGR started producing its own curriculum on a contract basis, and in 2006, a decision was made to begin producing all course content in-house. In 2007, SGR began offering a variety of employee assessment services, and by 2008, SGR was training over 700 employees per month.  In 2009, SGR launched an online training initiative and has had more than 15,000 participate in the online training. The inception of SGR's job board came in 2010, immediately becoming the largest, most comprehensive local government job board in the nation. In 2011, SGR's leadership development webinars were introduced. By 2012, SGR launched its organization-specific executive team workshops and retreats.

SGR is constantly growing its business. SGR provides a variety of services to local government including executive recruitment, live and online training, psychometric assessments, employee coaching and mentoring, consulting, and other collaborative activities where we can bring value to local government.