Management Workshops

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SGR can help your organization be its very best by helping its people become authentic and effective servant leaders regardless of their role. We know first-hand how challenging it is to create events that promote employee engagement and effective professional development while remaining fun, dynamic, and engaging. SGR understands that top flight event experiences are a vital component of creating a leadership development pipeline, a strong overall succession plan, and a healthy culture for your organization.
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Creating & Refining Organizational Core Values

Influential thinker and “founder of modern management” Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Great culture can overcome bad strategy, but great strategy cannot overcome underwhelming culture. It’s one thing to have a set of core values mounted on a poster or hosted on a web page, but do your employees really know what these values are? Do employees feel that their leaders “walk the talk” when it comes to these values?

SGR believes having a strong set of core values is fundamental to the overall strategic plan and vision of any organization. This Strategic Core Values Process is designed to offer all employees an opportunity to have a voice in the development and refinement of these values; therefore, creating a lasting impact as the organization perpetually moves towards realizing its vision.

Whether you are needing to create and establish a set of values for your organization, or simply further re-fine and implement these values, SGR can help you no matter how far along you are in the journey by implementing an adaptable and customizable Strategic Core Values Process.

Book Briefings

What are Book Briefings and how do they work? SGR Book Briefings are dynamic 90-minute presentations that explore leading edge concepts addressed in trending innovative business books. These sessions will engage your team in a practical real-world discussion regarding how a concept, idea, or practice applies to your local government environment in a meaningful way.

So, you might be thinking, how is this specifically relevant to local government? In an age where the concept of "run government more like a business" is a commonly used mantra, Book Briefings help local governments stay on top of leading edge thinking in the business world.

Each Book Briefing includes a packet that provides a brief outline, an abundance of key quotes, and discussion question sets designed to inspire conversation by bringing the book's concepts to life. Book Briefings are an out of the box and unconventional way to spice up your employee engagement initiative and increase opportunities for team building at every level of your organization, front-line through to executive.

About the Facilitator

SGR has developed a strategic partnership with Randy Mayeux, a professional book reviewer, who lives by the tagline, "I read the books so you don't have to." Randy has spent over 20 years facilitating book briefings for a broad spectrum of audiences while drawing on universal leadership and management concepts from leading and impactful authors.

SGR provides multiple options to bring universal leadership and management concepts from leading and impactful authors to your team regardless of audience size, budget, and/or desired format (workshops, seminars, or discussion question sets). No matter what your situation is, Book Briefings are a great way to deliver a dynamic presentation that will inspire and motivate your team!

Gettysburg Leadership

This one-of-a-kind, interactive leadership workshop is specifically geared towards today’s managers in local government and utilizes the timeless lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg to help participants better understand the importance of leadership and how it determines the overall success or failure of an organization.

This workshop features role-playing exercises, leadership skits, self-improvement planning, organizational assessments, and small group discussions. Participants will learn how to be better communicators; improve their teamwork; deal with difficult team members; align team members with their strengths; motivate and retain employees; deal with political realities; and foster a culture of integrity and commitment to public service.

The Alamo & Texas Revolution Leadership

The Alamo-Texas Revolution Leadership Workshop is a unique one-day event that uses the power of storytelling to convey timeless leadership lessons relevant to today’s managers in local government. Participants will be inspired by the stories of Texas legends such as Jim Bowie, William Travis, Davy Crockett, Juan Sequin, Sam Houston, and Stephen Austin by exploring the tragic defense of the Alamo to the stunning Texas victory at San Jacinto. 

This workshop features role-playing exercises, leadership skits, self-improvement planning, organizational assessments, and small group discussions. Participants will learn how to be better communicators; improve teamwork; deal with a difficult team member; align team members with their strengths; motivate and retain employees; deal with political realities; and foster a culture of integrity and commitment to public service.

Finding Common Ground

In the age of social media where echo chambers and “keyboard warriors” reign supreme, it has become so much easier to dehumanize those whose opinions differ from our own. To be more effective in realizing your vision and goals, this workshop emphasizes the importance of building consensus and decreasing the vitriol in public discourse so we can truly listen and value the opinions of others regardless of whether we completely agree. 

Finding Common Ground focuses on how we can build consensus and positively affect change by recognizing that we can all do a better job of listening to those that have different opinions and values. Participants will review and assess the consensus building strategies used by historical leaders such as Lincoln during the Civil War, JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis, MLK during the Civil Rights Movement, and Margaret Thatcher during the Cold War.

Fourth Dimension Servant Leadership

Legendary General Electric CEO, Jack Welch, said, “Culture trumps strategy every time.” In other words, great organizational culture can overcome bad strategy, but great strategy cannot overcome lousy culture. In fact, it can even determine an organization’s destiny! 

SGR believes a healthy culture cannot be created without effective succession planning that specifically focuses on recruiting, assessing, and developing leaders that are not only technically qualified, but who will also nurture and sustain an organization’s culture. Creating and maintaining effective systems that strengthen an organization’s ability to intentionally manage succession planning is the best way to ensure the desired culture can become a reality. This workshop will focus on defining servant leadership and why it matters, as well as general strategies for building aligned teams and systems.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

This workshop is based on the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. The overall objective of the workshop is: 

  • To help participants make substantial progress in working together as a team.
  • To gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the contributions of each team member.
  • To develop strategies to help the team overcome each of the five dysfunctions.

While this workshop can be customized to fit the needs of your team; a typical workshop will include the following elements which are crucial in leading a team to overcome the Five Dysfunctions.

  •  Overview of Five Dysfunctions Model
  •  Team Assessment - This is a helpful exercise which allows participants to uncover how well they perceive the team to be functioning. Participant responses to assessment questions will remain anonymous.
  •  Building Trust – The team will learn why trust is the foundation for overcoming all other dysfunctions and focus on some simple steps that can be initiated to build trust within the group. The team will also review the results of the I-OPT Survey.
  •  Engaging in Conflict - We will examine what it means to engage in healthy conflict over issues and why the fear of conflict leads to a decrease in emotional commitment to the goals of the team.
  •  Achieving Commitment – We will focus on how to develop emotional commitment to the decisions that the team will make, using two important tools.
    •  Embracing Accountability – The team will have the opportunity to share candidly, yet appropriately, what they feel each person contributes to the team’s effectiveness.
    •  Focusing on the Results – The team will create someways to track their progress toward reaching a common unifying goal.

I-OPT Workshop

In organizational design, complementary skills and capabilities are what count. “Teamwork” means that each person helps make the team “work,” and people have to be “plugged in” properly so that their unique skills and abilities mesh with those of others’ on the team.

So, what is an I-OPT Workshop? It’s simply an event centered around the utilization of I-OPT Assessments, which measure how a person perceives and processes information. Such insight is incredibly useful, as how a person processes information has a profound impact on what motivates him/her, how he/she views an issue, and how he/she interacts with others team members. Understanding one’s own I-OPT Profile makes it possible to become more self-aware. Understanding another’s I-OPT Profile helps predict how he or she will approach any given situation. Reviewing assessment results in a formal setting helps not just reinforce that everyone is “different”, it also assists individuals and teams to better understand the implications of those differences; and most importantly, how to maximize those differences to become a more effective team overall. SGR utilizes Dr. Gary Salton’s validated I-OPT Assessment ( to build camaraderie, facilitate productive discussion, and develop great-er self-awareness.

Sustainovation Workshop

Is your community looking to jump start its innovation effort or are you a budding civic innovation superhero? Are you just starting a city or county innovation program or considering it? Are you looking to build sustainable innovation as part of your life? Are you looking to lead an innovation movement?

Participants will learn real creativity techniques you can take back to your organization and use to structure more innovative teams, build momentum and implement sustained innovation. You and your team will leave more creative, more aware and more capable of implementing. You will leave with the power of Sustainovation® and the set of skills to make it happen! In this interactive, one-day workshop, you will learn hands-on techniques to create and build innovation as a part of your skill set and learn how to build and sustain a movement of innovation.

Political Savvy Workshop

Achieving success as a leader in local government requires an exceptional degree of political savvy to know when and how to pursue important issues. The challenge is to be exceptionally politically astute with-out becoming "political." Political Savvy equips participants to develop a sensitivity to political dynamics, recognize when things may not be what they seem, and avoid a variety of political pitfalls.

This interactive event is designed to:

  • Enhance the skills, knowledge, and abilities of local government professionals who aspire to be high performance leaders
  • Assist in understanding the political concepts, environment and strategies needed for enhanced individual and organizational performance
  • Provide a forum for dialogue, individual assessments, group exercises and sharing of lessons learned
  • At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to review and assess your political savvy skills and develop future strategies

Objectives include:

  • Raise awareness that politics, "the good, the bad, or the ugly," is a fact of organizational life. Think of it as the air we breathe in organizations.
  • Enhance knowledge of basic principles, concepts and characteristics connected with political savvy leadership
  • Unveil some of the behind-the-scenes tactics, warning signs, pitfalls and other roadblocks that impact individual and organizational performance.

An Introduction to Servant Leadership Principles Symposium

In this event, participants focus on 12 Servant Leadership Principles. They consider the nature of their work and the competencies required to succeed. How do the Servant Leadership Principles support that work and those competencies? Then they carefully prioritize the principles - discovering which principles are most vital to their success at work. Participants will also consider their own experiences as they create scenarios that illustrate the top-priority principles.