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High performance organizations recognize that leadership is exercised at every level and in every role. SGR’s Fourth Dimension Leadership Model is designed to equip all employees with the leadership competencies appropriate to their role in the organization. Get more information on SGR’s philosophy regarding the development of leadership skills for front line and mid-level positions.

Leadership Development focuses on the competencies needed for upper-level managers and senior executives who have the responsibility of shaping the organization’s culture and systems to facilitate excellent performance. Leadership development offerings help leaders question how you think about things to more effectively shape and mold the future.

16_percent_blog_Gray.pngSGR has gathered a group of innovative thinkers on a variety of topics to help your organization generate new ideas."The 16%" is about being part of the small percentage of innovators and early adopters that allows your local government entity to be known for its leading-edge concepts, instead of constantly maintaining the status quo.


All leaders have strengths and weaknesses. This assessment will help you identify which characteristics of a servant leader are strengths for you, while giving you insight on which ones need more attention.

SGR services available to assist with the unique leadership development needs of senior executives and elected officials include:

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