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Our Philosophical Approach 

SGR's Fourth Dimension Leadership Learning Philosophy recognizes that leaders can be developed – but that a coherent, planned and holistic building block approach must be utilized to achieve genuine leadership competency and effectiveness. Fourth Dimension Leadership starts by recognizing that all employees exercise some degree of leadership regardless of position. Leadership at the front line is very different than leadership at the top, but using relational leadership skills to accomplish desired outcomes is still critical for maximum success.

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Relational Leadership comprises both Human Relations and Customer Service competencies. At this level, people follow primarily because of how they are treated. Operational Leadership comprises both Supervisory and Mid-Management Competencies. At this level, people follow primarily because of positional and intellectual authority.

Systems Leadership comprises both Systems Building and Trust Building competencies. At this level, leadership transitions from personal dynamics, into a focus on building effective systems that instill trust. For all three of these predecessor levels, the focus is on helping the organization get better at what it does.

Strategic Leadership focuses on what is more external and emphasizes how to transform the organization into who it wants to become. Strategic Leadership is primarily focused upon Department Heads and above, and content delivery methodology is very different than traditional training, relying primarily upon dynamic participant engagement best described in SGR’s Leadership Development Catalog.



Live Training

SGR understands that creating a leadership development pipeline, a strong overall succession plan, and a healthy culture for your organization is a high priority.

Let us help you promote team engagement and provide team members with affordable training and professional development opportunities that are tailored to specifically meet the needs of local government.





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Online Training

SGR understands the challenges that organizations face in finding cost-effective online training solutions, especially within a local government context.

We offer a wide range of online training courses and a Learning Management System (LMS) that can help your organization be its very best by helping its people become authentic and effective servant leaders.





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