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Author and Contributing Editor


Bill Scher is a Contributing Editor to POLITICO Magazine and a Contributor to Real Clear Politics. In 2006, he authored the book “Wait, Don’t Move To Canada: A Stay-and-Fight Strategy To Win Back America,” which later became an answer on “Jeopardy!” For nearly 10 years, he was a writer for the progressive advocacy organization Campaign for America's Future, and was the founder of one of the first liberal blogs: LiberalOasis.com. He also helped rewrite the city charter of his hometown of Northampton, MA, as a volunteer member of the city's ad-hoc Special Act Charter Drafting Committee.

Together, they co-host the online tv show DMZ where they provide a role model for America on how you can disagree on just about everything… and still be friends.  Though Matt and Bill typically focus on a discussion of national issues, the principles they will share that have allowed them to deeply disagree and remain friends for over a decade are applicable to local government AND to your personal life as well.