Scott Willingham


Sr. Vice President and Facilitator, SGR



Dr. Scott Willingham is a Senior Vice President & Facilitator at SGR.  He serves as one of the primary facilitators for the SGR Customer Service Series as well as other live training classes for Managers and Supervisors.

Scott’s passion for the past thirty-five years is to lead, speak, write and provide consulting services for a variety of organizations. His experience in leadership and facilitation prior to SGR includes working as an Information Systems Consultant with Accenture Consulting, serving as Senior Pastor for various churches, and serving on two university boards. Scott’s strengths include leading organizations to establish a compelling vision which he did for eight years in guiding 5,400 churches to focus on growth, leadership development, and strategic visioning. He has been with SGR since 2016 and regularly facilitates council retreats, 4th Dimension Leadership Workshops, and servant leadership classes.