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Transforming a group of individual executives into a well-functioning management team pays huge performance dividends.  A well-functioning team authentically owns the organization’s mission and values and is mutually committed to accomplishing a shared vision. In a well-functioning team, personal agendas, egos, and interpersonal conflict are minimized out of commitment to the team.  Unfortunately, there are far more management “groups” than there are management teams. 
SGR offers a variety of services to help your team perform at a higher level:
  • Building Better Leaders
    Building Better Leaders takes the Executive Book Briefings offering to a deeper level of engagement and practical application within your organization.  Building Better Leaders provides a series of live executive book briefings coupled with a professionally facilitated team discussion on major leadership topics. 
  • Developing Your Core Values
    More and more organizations are discovering the value in having a unique set of core values that describe the kind of place that they aspire to be.  Not only do people in today’s workforce want to find purpose in their work, they also want to work in a healthy environment—relationally and emotionally.

    SGR has created a process that cities can use to either articulate or refresh their core values.  This process goes beyond simply having the leaders create a list of their favorite values.  The SGR process allows for every employee to have a part in articulating what they think the core values should be. We give everyone a voice, and we help the leadership team to articulate those values, based on what’s been communicated from the workforce.

    In addition to that, SGR can create customized curriculum for the city to use in teaching and reinforcing those core values throughout the organization, as well as in the onboarding process.

    Whether you already have established core values or you need to articulate them for the first time, we can help you energize your organization through our process.

  • Executive Book Briefings
    SGR’s executive book briefings is a great tool to keep local government executive teams staying on top of leading-edge thinking in the business world. Executive book briefings are dynamic 90-minute presentations of the materials covered in a current leading business book that engages your leadership team in a practical real-world discussion regarding how a concept, idea or practice applies to the local government environment in a meaningful way.

    Because the very nature of Strategic Leadership is oriented towards constant learning, Executive Book Briefings should be provided in an ongoing cycle to create a cultural commitment to become a learning organization. For maximum impact, Executive Book Briefings should be cascaded down through the organization through discussion guides shared via staff meetings at all levels. This cascaded learning approach not only reinforces a culture of constant learning, it also creates extensive opportunities within each operating unit to discuss current issues, thus enhancing organizational communication and performance.

  • Workshops
    SGR offers a variety of management team retreats and workshops custom designed to achieve team building, vision casting, goal setting or other specific purposes. A few of our most popular executive team workshops include:

                a.  Five Dysfunctions of a Team

                b.  Team Building Using the IOPT Assessment

    for additional information on any of these tools.