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Marlie Eyre
Training & Leadership Development Manager

Tel: 817-753-3149 

Marlie Eyre joined SGR in 2015 and is based out of Savannah, Georgia; she serves as SGR’s Training and Leadership Development Manager and manages all aspects related to the provision of SGR’s live and online training and development services. Marlie also frequently attends and speaks at special events and conferences hosted by our collaborative partners.

Marlie holds a BA in International Relations, Indonesian Language, and Politics from Deakin University as well as an MA in Diplomacy & Trade from Monash University. Her studies focused on government and governance at the local, federal, and international levels.

Marlie has traveled extensively in order to live, work, and study while broadening her understanding of governments, policies, social issues, and culture. Marlie has completed internships with U.K. Trade & Investment based in Melbourne, Australia, and with Scalabrini Refugee Center in Cape Town, South Africa. Prior to coming on board with SGR, Marlie spent almost four years working as a translator with VMC Consulting in Montreal, Canada.

Marlie enjoys spending time with her daughter, hiking through national parks with her husband, traveling abroad, and volunteering with local animal welfare organizations.