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In an age in which “run government more like a business’” has great cachet, SGR provides executive level book briefings to help local government executive teams stay on top of leading edge thinking in the business world.

SGR’s executive book briefings are dynamic 90-minute presentations of the materials covered in a current leading business book that engages your leadership team in a practical real world discussion regarding how a concept, idea
or practice applies to the local government environment in a meaningful way.

Each briefing includes a hand out with three pages of key quotes from the book, a two page outline of the book, and two pages of discussion questions designed to equip each participant to go back and use what they learned to develop their own teams as well. An SGR Executive Book Briefing initiates, facilitates, and creates conversations prompted by the best and most useful ideas from the best business and other non-fiction books of this era.

Sample Book Briefing Handout (Five Dysfunctions of a Team)

SGR has developed a strategic partnership with Randy Mayeux, professional book reviewer who lives by the tagline, "I read the books so you don't have to."  Randy has spent years reading hundreds of books and drawing salient points from authors who have made and are making a significant impact on topics ranging from leadership and management to domestic and worldwide trends.
If you would like additional information, would like to purchase an online version, or would like to schedule an executive book summary for your managment team, executive retreat, leadership forum, or any context that involves processing significant information in a limited time frame, e-mail .