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SGR’s mission is to facilitate innovative leadership in local government. The simple fact is that in today’s world of limited resources, local governments must innovate to survive. SGR has been and continues to be a leader in spurring innovation in local government.


  • Customer Service - SGR wants to provide the best customer experience possible. This means that, regardless of how much or how little money a customer has spent with our company, we want the customer to be confident that he/she received far higher value from us than is available from any other source in the market.
  • Integrity - Integrity matters most in every circumstance. When money and morals come into conflict, SGR team members will always err on the side of our moral values. We will not sacrifice our core value system for any reason whatsoever, even if the very survival of the business is at risk.  We would rather lose the business than lose our moral compass. All team members will demonstrate and be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor and integrity in all relationships. Team Members shall conduct themselves in an ethical manner at all times in order to merit the respect, trust, and confidence of others. 
  • Philanthropy - In today's hard-edged business world, it sounds a bit corny to talk about love, but the reality at SGR is that we have a serious commitment to walking the talk of our personal faith. We believe our faith is the most important part of who we are, and that it is most meaningfully conveyed in our actions and how we treat other people. SGR team members are encouraged to give back to the community through volunteerism. Below are some of the organizations SGR and team members have recently supported:
Dry Bones Habitat for Humanity Live Beyond
CitySquare Williams Syndrome Association Global Samaritan Resources
  Backpack Blessings  




  • Continuous Improvement - SGR team members constantly reassess how we can improve services to our customers to better meet their needs. We value constructive criticism and spirited discussions among Team Members.  We are committed to structure/restructure our business in any way that best advances the mission as often as is needed.
  • Agility - SGR is a fluid organization, and accordingly, we must leave room for growth and change. SGR's success depends on our ability to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.  SGR team members should be innovative, responsive, and be able to adapt to changing conditions in the local government environment.  SGR team members are expected to possess and maintain an exceptional ability to enthusiastically and successfully lead and manage change.
  • The Golden Rule - Our primary market is comprised of local government officials who could be making more money working in the private sector but have been drawn into public service because they want to make a difference. We will honor that noble calling of our clients in the way we treat them, the way we interact with them, and the way we talk about them. SGR team members value our relationships with others and do not take them for granted. We treat everyone with dignity and respect, and we value diverse opinions, perspectives, and life experiences.
  • Collaboration - SGR highly values the power of collaboration and views it as perhaps the most important tool for successful local government initiatives.  In many cases, SGR's role is simply to assist in facilitating collaboration between local governments so that they are able to maximize resources and, in turn, provide the highest level of service to their residents.
  • Protecting Relationships - SGR takes pride in the relationships we develop with organizations that partner with us. We will do everything possible to show them that we truly do care about the service we provide them. We are not happy unless they are happy and will not settle for less than 100% satisfaction.