Elected Officials Retreats

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SGR has extensive experience in successfully facilitating retreats for elected officials and executive teams. Retreats are available on the following topics:

Servant Leadership for Elected Officials

Servant Leadership creates a culture in which everyone can thrive, and at SGR we believe that should start with elected officials because while you grow leaders from the ground up, you instill culture from the top down.

SGR provides retreats for elected officials that focus on how they can establish a culture of respect through practicing the principles of servant leadership. This starts with how elected officials treat one another, regardless of whether they agree on the issues. It also includes how they interact with staff and citizens—and even their critics. These retreats, like all SGR retreats, are interactive and inspire participants to embrace the noble calling of the Council/Manager form of local government.

Strategic Visioning

Organizations often suffer from either great visions that never become reality, or infinite plans that do not amount to anything of significance.  For that reason, SGR focuses on the more practical approach of Strategic Visioning in which we begin with a proprietary process for helping your team define what you want your organization to become, and then we help you develop a practical set of strategies for making your vision a reality. 

Goal Setting

When your organization knows where it wants to go, but needs a structured process to ensure that you are doing the right things in the right ways at the right time to make your vision a reality, a goal setting retreat can help.  It will define practical and measurable processes and steps for moving forward.  A goal setting process is doomed to fail if it is undertaken prior to a visioning process, but when a clear vision is in place, an effective goal setting process is essential to making your vision become a reality.  

Team Building

Quite often, a governing body, board, or executive team knows where they want to go, and they know what needs to be done to get there; but an absence of effective teamwork prevents them from making the kind of progress that is expected and warranted.  Paraphrasing Pogo, “they have met the enemy and it is us”. SGR’s team building process is designed to identify obstacles to effective team work, deal with internal conflicts in an open and forthright manner, and develop a set of operating practices that engenders a healthy team environment that can translate good intentions into great results. 

Effective Governance Practices

Is your governing board characterized by a governance culture or a political culture? A governance culture thinks about the next generation. A political culture focuses on the next election. In order to provide the right oversight and establish the right kind of culture it is important for the governing board to understand and operate by effective governance practices. These things include understanding the difference in roles and responsibilities for elected officials and staff, as well as how to deal with conflict, how to have robust civil dialogue, and how to create a culture of honor and respect for all.

SGR’s Effective Governance Retreats provide an overview of effective practices, engaging case studies, and group discussion to help establish a healthy foundation. These retreats can be very beneficial for newly elected governing boards and as a regular check-up for boards or governing bodies that have been working together for several years.

Understanding and Maximizing the Health of Your Organization

Through implementation and interpretation of various assessment and evaluation tools, SGR stands ready to process and increase your organizational health. Many of these assessments can be implemented on-line saving valuable time while yielding a valid result. 

Governing Body Appointee Performance Evaluation Facilitation

Many local governments struggle to find an effective, fair, and efficient way for the governing body to provide evaluations for the City Manager and other Council Appointees. That’s why SGR developed an evaluation procedure, including an evaluation form, that the governing body can use when doing performance evaluations for their appointees. This tool creates clarity on what the person will be evaluated on, as well as transparency and accountability. A trained and experience SGR facilitator will guide this process, which will allow the governing body to fulfill their responsibility in a way that maintains dignity and respect for everyone.

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