Next Generation Leadership Mentoring Program

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The Next Generation Leadership (NGL) Program will provide a comprehensive effort to give advanced training to potential leaders in all departments of an organization so that they can reach their leadership potential and can add even more value to the quality of service that the organization provides to its citizens and visitors.

Delivery of the NGL Program

An SGR coaching and mentoring professional will be at each gathering, and depending upon the content of each particular session, the organization will select a different department head to be a co-facilitator with the SGR facilitator at each session.

The SGR facilitator will provide continuity and a general perspective on leadership, while the organization’s designee will offer more specific expertise and would help insure that the unique DNA of the organization is being transferred to participants.

SGR will:

  1. Develop and provide customized presentations covering the agreed upon topics which will identify clear learning objectives and incorporate various learning methods.
  2. Develop participant guides that will provide a place to take notes and a house a list of related resources. The participant guides will be sent electronically to the organization in advance for printing. The organization may choose to create a notebook where handouts can be retained. This would also provide a place to record and store items about each topic that they find in the future.
  3. SGR will provide any assistance needed in selecting mentors, and will provide training for the mentors in advance, as well as quarterly "check-ins" that will keep mentors focused and provide an avenue where they can learn from each other.